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Was your loved one a soldier, police officer, or fireman?

The Patriotic Guard Riders, a nation wide organization of Patriotic men and women, would consider it an honor and privilege to provide your loved one the following services FREE of any cost to you:

  • An American flag line at the funeral home or church and the cemetery
  • An escort from the funeral home or church to the cemetery
  • Patriotic people with outstretched flags as shields to stand between any protestors and the mourning family and friends
  • Respect, honor, and support for the dearly departed, family,and friends

The Patriotic Guard has an unwavering respect for those men and women who have served our country as soldiers, police officers, and firemen. We use motorcycles and support ve­hi­cles to provide an honorable escort and flag line at the funeral home or church and cemetery.

Please ask a funeral director about the Patriot Guard as well as other benefits available to Veteran's and their families at Ramsey Funeral Home & Crematorium.


Sun City Veteran Plaza


Sun City Veteran Plaza