Biographical Information

The Biographical Information Form helps us originate the death certificate in the State of Texas. Originating the death certificate is the responsibility of the funeral director. During the arrangement we will determine with the family how many original death certificates you will need us to order from the State of Texas. 

We encourage you to fill out the Biographical Information Form at your convenience, as we request this form for anyone pre-arranging or making final at-need arrangements. 

It is simple to complete.

Scroll down and begin entering the requested information into the blanks. Once you hit submit, you will be asked to complete a task by our reCAPTCHA security software. reCAPTCHA determines whether the user is real, or a spam robot, and protects us from malicious software. reCAPTCHAs rely on human ability to determine what the user is being asked to complete using a question and subsequent pictures to match. Once you complete that final step, your form will be emailed to our staff. 

Should you have any questions in regards to the Biographical Information Form, please give us a call and we can assist you. 



Biographical Information for Death Certificates

** If your family would like our assistance in preparing an obituary for your loved one,

please download the fillable PDF form at the bottom of this page.

We ask that you fill it out in its entirety and then email it back to us, or bring it to our office. **


Download our Full Biographical and Obituary Information Sheet HERE