Advance Planning

The Ultimate Gift To Your Family ~ An Act of Love

You can either prepay the services you desire, or simply place your wishes on file with us.

Pre-arrangement of funeral, burial and cremation services can be done at Ramsey Funeral Home by one of our experienced directors or counselors and is a FREE service we offer at no obligation.

Every day, more and more families recognize the need for making funeral plans in advance. Planning ahead is beneficial because it allows one to make unhurried decisions in a more relaxed atmosphere.

We can meet with you to record your preferences and wishes, or you can even pre-pay your funeral expenses to relieve that burden from your spouse, children, or other family members.

Having been in funeral service for so long, we have seen time and time again how funeral prearrangement has saved families money because it freed them from the effects of inflation.

Making decisions now means your family will not have to later. What better way to say "I love you."

Prearranging a funeral gives you many options. Call one of our licensed pre-need/advanced planning counselors to set up an appointment at our facility or at your home. Regardless of where your policy was written, the Ramsey Funeral Home can honor it at no additional cost to the you or the family.

We want to make it easy for you to take the first step in Advance Planning. Please complete the form below to begin the process. If you have questions, don't hesitate to contact our professional team at (512) 869-7775.


Throughout your life, you have given thoughtful consideration to the important decisions you have made. Sensible people have always prepared for those things that might happen by taking out fire or health insurance. That is why being prepared for what will some day happen, makes even more sense.

"Advance funeral planning gives you the peace of mind that comes with knowing your funeral arrangements are taken care of,while lessening the burden on your survivors."
- American Association of Retired Persons

Funeral pre-arrangement plans select funeral services and merchandise before they are needed, often years before death actually occurs. There are several advantages of pre-arrangement:

1. Your Family
Without a doubt, the most important reason for pre-arranging your funeral is to spare your family numerous decisions at an emotionally difficult time. During this stressful time when reason is clouded, even the most sincere desire to create a fitting tribute can result in emotional overspending and other regretful decisions.

2. Peace of Mind
We often have special wishes concerning our funeral arrangements.Decisions Made Early provides you and your family the satisfaction of knowing everything will be taken care of according to your wishes.

3. Saving Money
If you choose to pay for your pre-arranged services and merchandise, those designated funds "freeze" the price of the funeral, protecting you from rising costs. For your added protection, pre-arrangement funds are held by a legal reserve life insurance company under the laws and supervision of the State of Texas

Texas Department of Banking - Texas residents may get additional information at:

Texas Department of Insurance

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