Lori Gibbs

July 23, 1963 - March 3, 2021

Lori's Obituary

Lori Ann Gibbs, 57, of Georgetown, passed away on March 3, 2021 with her family at her side. 

A time of visitation will be held on Friday evening, March 19, 2021 from 6:00 – 8:00 p.m. at Ramsey Funeral Home, 5600 Williams Drive, Georgetown, Texas.  The funeral service for Mrs. Gibbs will take place on Saturday, March 20, 2021 at 10:00 a.m. at Faith Lutheran Church, 4010 Williams Drive, Georgetown, Texas.  Interment will follow the service at 12:30 p.m. at Oak Hill Cemetery in Lampasas, Texas. 

Lori was born on July 23, 1963 in Newgulf, Texas to Lloyd Wayne and Lucille Elizabeth (Harrison) Terrell.  Lori was an amazing woman of many talents and gifts which she freely shared with her friends and family.  Her husband, Jack George Gibbs, was the love of her life.  She and Jack were married on January 5, 1985 in Wharton, Texas.  They are the proud parents to their son, Christopher Noah Gibbs of College Station, Texas; and daughters, Rachel Marie Gibbs of College Station and Rebecca Rose Gibbs of Georgetown.  

Lori ran a successful business, Lori A. Gibbs, CPA here in Georgetown.  Her many clients will miss her expertise and attention to detail.  She was a proud graduate of Texas A&M University where she earned a Bachelor of Science in Agriculture Economics and a BBA in Accounting.   She was a faithful member of Faith Lutheran Church. 

Lori’s parents, Lloyd and Lucille Terrell,  preceded her in death along with her sister, Peggy Terrell.

John Gibson, Hector M., Freddy Nunnery, Howard Clark, Chuck Fritzsching, Len Fischman, and John Lewis will serve as pallbearers for Mrs. Gibbs. 

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In between her birth in Newgulf, Texas, in 1963, and her death in Georgetown, Texas, Lori lived an extremely bountiful life for God.  She poured out her love on me and my family more than I could ever expect God to bless me.  Lori was never mine; God gave her to me when I was 19 years old and blessed me wonderfully for 39 years, my whole adult life.  Damn I was Lucky! 

Our family Christmas letter is included here.  It is hard to read as I completed it just before Lori went to the hospital on my birthday February 12th.  But I cannot revise it either, I would only wad it up and throw it away.  And Lori would not want that.  Lori ran the Christmas project like she did everything else in her life.  It was extremely efficient, and it grew fast up to around 150 cards and hung around that number for 20 years.  Of course, it started with a spreadsheet with lots of important data.  It has tapered down closer to 100 in the last 10 years as so many family members have passed away and it got harder for her to do so much.  It also had to be the best it could be.  My assigned task was to write the family Christmas letter.  She loved the red and green paper we printed the letters on.  She also insisted that everyone had to sign their own name on every card and every letter, in order and then she signed Gibbs.  Try getting your kids to sign their name 300 times.  We would have a big name signing “party” at the kitchen table.  If you are on that spreadsheet and you noticed that Rachels name was misspelled and very slopy then I can assure you that you did not get one of the first 50 cards/letters she signed.  Then Lori would assemble and address all the cards and then it was decorating time.  The girls loved helping put all the cute stickers on the front and back of the cards.  And my other job was taking them to the post office, I’m Lori’s delivery boy.  So, you understand, please read it and enjoy like so many of our friends and family have always told Lori, they just love to get our family letter at Christmas.

Lori and I meet our freshman year at Texas A&M.  I was a fish cadet in the Fighting Texas Aggie Band.  Two of my fish buddies were high school friends of Lori.  Their hometown was also only ~15 miles from mine and our parents only lived about 8 miles apart.  In the spring semester my roommate was fish Coats, and he knew my birthday was coming up soon and he asked Lori if she would bake me a cake.  Of course, she said yes because here we are 39 years later.  She stopped me in the hallway of Heldenfels Hall a few days later and introduced herself to me ~ Hi, I’m Lori Terrell…  She lived in a small house with 4 girls close enough to walk from my dorm and get a break from Corps upperclassmen.  It was a safe place to go relax, so, I started hanging out there whenever I could.  She always had good, sweet tea for me, and she would tell me “lets go to the big house” which I found out was the owners of maybe 10 houses there and their house had a big formal living room with a grand piano, and she could go play piano there.  Lori learned to play the piano before she was five and attended a small Baptist country church in Boling, Texas where she and her sister, Peggy, usually played and sang for the church.  Lori did this until she graduated HS and went to off to Texas A&M but she took her Baptist hymnal and an assortment of other music books with her.  So, she would sing and play for me in the Big House.  Me, a good Catholic boy, alter boy and all etc...  I had never heard this music before, and it was beautiful to me.  Lori seduced me with her Baptist Hymnal.!  I figured out pretty darn quick that she had a Godly loving heart that she enjoyed sharing with me and her friends.  But I was super shy and not sure how to get her to be my girlfriend.  So, I just kept spending as much time with her as I could. 

After the spring semester ended, I went to work in Houston and Lori asked me for the address which was my Aunt Cecil and Uncle Mike’s home in Cypress, Texas.  A few days after I was living there and working, I got three separate cards from Lori and they were all full of letters to me about what she was doing that summer at home and working at the grain dryer.  There was also some giggly girl “I Love You” stuff too, maybe a lot.  And the outside was decorated front and back with cute little stickers.  And then the next day I got 3 more cards just the same.  By the end of the week my Aunt Cecil told me (I think she was a little aggravated) Jack, I will just give you my post office box key and you get the mail on the way home from work and get your 3 cards from that dang girl.  So, I got the mail for the rest of my time working there and I got my 3 cards complete with every detail of what she was doing and fully decorated the same.  I worked there about 6 weeks, I had over a hundred cards and letters from Lori in 6 weeks and I still have them in a box in storage.  When I finished that job, I went home which was close to her for the rest of the summer.  I was still extremely shy and clueless on the whole girlfriend thing, but Lori had made it clear enough the question I needed to ask her, so she “Closed the Deal”.  I skipped the girlfriend thing completely and just asked her to marry me as soon as I was back at my dad’s home in Wharton.  It was not romantic or anything fancy, we were just hanging out at my dad’s house.  I just asked her and obviously she said yes.  We kept it secret for about two weeks and her 19th birthday was coming up soon so we decided that we would announce it on her birthday.  On Lori’s 19th birthday July 23rd, 1982, I sent her a big bouquet of red and white carnations to her at her mom’s house.  Then we told everyone, and we went to Houston in the afternoon.  I took her to eat at Kips Big Boy by my mom’s office on Kirby.  We went to the galleria and I bought her an engagement ring.  Then we went to Ringling Bros and Barnum and Baily Circus at the Summit.  I thought I was the luckiest boy alive.  This beautiful girl with a heart of Gold really liked me and would marry me.  Damn I was Lucky!!  We had a little naughty fun too but not to much (we were young and in love ~ my kids are cringing now).  She was smart and hardworking, and she never had idle hands.  She was always working on crafts and cooking.  I rounded off in my checkbook. Lori did not like that, she said “it’s not correct, it has to be right”.  And I was like you can fix it if you want which she did and I have never since in my adult life had to worry about finances, bills and all those type things because she took such good care of me with that special skill she had.

We waited two and a half years to get married on January 5th, 1985, at Holy Family Catholic Church in Wharton, Texas.  That was also her Grandma Terrell’s birthday.  Neither of us had finished college.  Lori finished her first degree, B.S. in Agriculture Economics, and graduated Friday 13th, in December 1985.  Then I got back on track kind of, but I also enlisted in the U.S. Army Reserve and went to basic and AIT in 1987.  After that I finished up my B.S. in Civil Engineering degree in August 1989.  After that we moved to Waller Texas and I went to work.  Lori took a H&R tax class and loved it, so she went back to Texas A&M and got a second degree, B.B.A. in Accounting.  She graduated with her second degree from Texas A&M on Friday the 13th, August 1993.

Lori has blessed me the whole way, during our friendship, engagement, and 36 years of marriage.  Lori loved to make things and give them away.   And just like my checkbook, they had to be correct and made the best they could.  She started cooking pies when Noah was in 6th grade.  In a couple of years, she was making 100 pies at Thanksgiving and 75 pies at Christmas for teachers, coaches, friends, and business clients.  She did this for 10~12 years.  And she packaged them specifically in proper pie boxes and made name labels for each person with stickers decorations.  Everyone, especially coaches loved the pie lady and they dang well knew that was Noah’s mom.  The coaches loved Noah!  Lori learned to make those fleece tie blankets and was soon making 50~60 a year and we gave them away.  She would watch for sales and when they had 75% off the material she liked, thought was best, we would go about twice a year and buy $400~$500 of fleece material.  That kept her busy in the evening, she could watch TV and make a blanket almost without looking at it.  She made these blankets and gave them away for about 12 years.  Most were given to Texas Baptist Children’s Home in Round Rock but also some went to Hurricane relief and a few other causes occasionally.  It warms my heart to know that there are 500+ kids or moms with a blanket Lori made and freely gave away to people she did not know and never met.  Lori kept a calendar with all the birthdays she knew and made sure to send just about everyone a birthday card.  Decorated beautifully just like she did everything.

Lori loved accounting and lots of her clients are more like family than business clients.  They get to know each other and most of them end up like me, they trust her fully and completely like I have my whole life.  But they become part of her family.  Because she has been so sick and worn down this year, we have had a few discussions about her cutting back on her workload because she physically could not do as much.  She has struggled this year with her health a lot and has not been able to find any doctor that could help her.

I could go on and on about all the ways she blessed me and how much I loved her but the main thing to remember is that Lori is in Heaven with God, the God she loved whole heartedly and she poured out those loving blessings on everyone she met.  And I know I was blessed more than I could have ever earned.  How could you be mad at God for that...?  I am sad, very sad and lonely, but I could never be mad at anyone who blessed me that much.  Lori finished all the jobs God gave her and there were some big ones!  Her body was totally worn out and a day longer would have been added pain she did not need.  I am most grateful that Lori is in Heaven with a beautiful healthy body celebrating with God and all her friends and family that have gone before her.

Thank your for being a part of Lori’s life and celebrating that Godly heart she had that poured out blessing on all who knew her!

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THE GIBBS FAMILY CHRISTMAS LETTER 2020 - The 2020 Christmas letter was completed by me January 31st ~ it is my assigned task for the annual Christmas Card project Lori runs.

2020 - Whew… Glad that’s over! - From the home of Jack & Lori and Noah, Rachel & Rose

It’s 2021 thankfully and time to share 2020’s news with friends and family.  It was certainly a weird and not normal year.  Here’s to a much better 2021 and hopefully we can get back to something close to our old normal.  January 5th was our 36th wedding anniversary.  Noah’s 24 and a student at Texas A&M and ready to graduate this coming summer.  Rachel just turned 21, is working at a good job and living with her fiancé Nick.  Rose is 19, graduated from High School, went to college this past fall and is back home working here in Georgetown.

Noah got his Aggie ring in November and is scheduled to graduate from Texas A&M this August (Friday) 13th with his degree in Recreation Parks & Tourism Sciences (RPTS).  He just has this spring semester and a summer internship to complete his degree and graduate.  He was going to do an internship last summer, but it got blown up.  He had three good offers, 1 in Juneau Alaska, 1 with Lions Club of Texas summer camp in Kerrville and 1 with the Boy Scouts at a summer camp in Dallas area.  Unfortunately, they all got cancelled.  He did rejoin the Aggie Corps this summer to finish out his Senior year.  We are very proud of him and how hard he has worked towards his RTPS degree and graduating from A&M.  Unfortunately, he isn’t going to be in the Aggie Corps this spring.  He is unhappy about that but is resolved to it.  The Corps decided that all the overweight cadets got booted out.  The Corps told Noah he should only weight 99 pounds.  I’m not sure but I think he might have weighed 99 pounds in 5 grade.  At his best HS football weight, he was 120 pounds.  So, he didn’t get close and didn’t pass his PT test so he’s out of the Aggie Corps.  Like school this fall the Corps didn’t do much of anything except frustrate Noah.  He loved all the Corps activities and was an excellent cadet, well liked by his Corps buddies but all that got cancelled this fall.

Rachel changed jobs quite a bit last year, mostly working at day-care schools.  She enjoys the work and found a good place that she really likes now, Primrose school in Georgetown.  She has been working there 6 months now.  The big news for Rachel this year concerns her boyfriend Nick.  They have been dating a little over a year now and they moved in together last February.  They’ve been talking about getting married all year and Rachel told me last summer that they were going to “date” for a year before they got engaged.  I kind of went “huh”, you’re already “shacked up”, you’re a little past dating…  Nick came over a few weeks ago for “the talk” and asked me if he could marry Rachel.  I said yes of course.  He’s a good kid and he and Rachel have been very good for each other.  Nick is a year older than Rachel and neither of them know exactly what they want to do, but they are young and I think they will figure it out together.  Lori and I are happy for them.

Rose graduated from high school last May.  Obviously, her senior year didn’t go as planned.  She was off for spring break and then they never went back to school.  They didn’t have their senior prom, but they did at least get to have graduation at the HS stadium (almost regular).  The best thing she did is get a job in April at the new P-Terry’s (burger place) in Georgetown.  It kept her busy and she earned some good money.  Unfortunately, since school shut down, she was not able to complete her Certified Nurse Assistant (CAN) program.  They completed all the practical works before spring break and were supposed to take the exam in April but it was cancelled.  It has been rescheduled and cancelled a few times since then. 

Rose went to Blinn College in Bryan, Texas this past fall and didn’t like it.  All her classes were online and all she did was stay in her room and watch lectures online.  No in person classes, study groups or social activities at all.  She was discouraged and depressed, so we told her at least she needed to get a job.  She came home and talked to her manager at P-Terry’s and they wanted her to come back to work here.  She started coming home each weekend to work Friday thru Sunday here.  It helped her attitude and perked her up to get out and be around people a lot more.  Rose decided not to continue at Blinn this spring and is going to stay at home and continue working and study to take her CNA exam.  We want her to complete that and get a job in that field also.  She really enjoyed the practical nursing work they did.  They worked at the same nursing home that Lori’s mom was at and she made good friends with the residents, enough that some of the ladies would ask for her specifically to help them.  Rose is kind of shy and quiet, but she always seems to do very well at her jobs.  She is very diligent and conscientious and well liked by her coworkers and customers.  She has gotten lots of good online reviews and compliments from P-Terry customers and they want her to train as a shift leader now which she is going to do.

Lori’s business had her all-time best year this past crazy year.  I think they were changing the tax laws, codes and rules every other day for a while.  She was taking continuing education courses every week to try and keep up with the latest rules so that she could advise her clients about the effects on their businesses.

Lori’s biggest concern the last two years has been her overall health.  She has not felt good for most of the last 2 years.  Lori is certain we all had covid-19 last January (2020).  Lori and Noah both had severe flue symptoms and me and the girls were also a little sick.  But Lori and Noah were each tested twice and came up negative for flue.  The doctors didn’t know what they had and just decided to treat them for the flue anyway.  Lori had a very severe cough for 2 months and lost all taste and smell for four months…  She has had a small hernia in her chest for a couple of years now and the severe coughing made that much worse.  Lori hasn’t really been able to work since October but finally began feeling a little better the last week of January.  This past summer she had her annual heart checkup and they ran all their test and told her that she had something wrong with her heart.  Then they looked at her records and said “oh you had this same problem in your test we ran a year ago” (summer 2019) but they never told her.  Lori was very upset because she has been asking all of her specialist doctors if they could figure out what is causing her to feel bad/ill/not good these last 2 years.  Now she has seen a surgeon and he said she has two (2) large hernia’s, one up high and the other one lower.  The surgeon told her he can fix her hernias, but that they were the least of her problems.  He told her that this would be a long complex surgery and that she is a very high-risk patient.  We have had to take Lori to the hospital ER 5 times.  First in October, then 3 more times in December and again in January.  Usually it’s because she cannot breathe and feels like she is suffocating.  Her heart doctor did a shock procedure on her heart the last week in December to correct a flutter (?) or arrythmia.  That seemed to help her heart, but then she gained 50 pounds in 1 week (water retention) so the doctor changed her meds and then she lost 60 pounds in another week and got a UTI and kidney infection.  That was a horrible experience for her.  She’s beginning to be concerned that she won’t be able to maintain her business.  Her health seems to be like a long line of dominoes, patch one problem and then something else gets her.  She has been depressed and discouraged about it all.  Rose has been a big help staying with Lori through this since I’m working in Houston again.  Lori has felt so bad that she even had Rose drive her a few places (ER and doctor offices).  The first time Lori has ever ridden in a car with a kid driving her!

With all the kids out of the house, we have planned to downsize to a smaller home for just us two.  We moved in August to a temporary (rent) home in Georgetown.  We had a grand clean and purge for me and Lori and all three kids.  It felt good to get rid of so much stuff.  Due to her health Lori really wasn’t able to do much this move.  We are in the process of Replating (dividing) our home property of 6 acres so that we can sell the house and keep a new adjacent vacant 2-acre lot to build us a new home on.  We should have our house listed in early February and hopefully sold not to long after that.  The market is good here and seems to keep getting hotter.  We love the location of our property and have planned to stay put here since we bought it in 2013. 

I went back to work full time in Houston at the end of November.  I am glad to be working at my professional career and hope that it lasts a few years longer now.  My real estate investments are not doing much now.  Just holding them as investments and working on development plans for the next year or so. 

This year was a difficult and sad year for our pets. First “Daryl” went back to college this fall with Rose.  However, he got extremely sick and had to come back home.  He had feline leukemia and it finally overwhelmed his body. Noah made the final decision to have him put down.  Daryl had a big personality and we do miss him.   Biscuit and Rocky also moved out with Rachel this year.  Then Biscuit continued to get weaker and weaker.  It was just old age.  Biscuit was 14 years old and Rachel had to make the difficult decision to have him put down in December.  Both losses were sad, but we will always have the good memories of them.  Chewy (border collie) and Shasta (collie) are both doing well and still live with me and Lori in our rent house now.  It’s great for them because they have their own “Dog Cave” (playroom).

We hope everyone enjoyed their Christmas and New Years Day and has a much greater year in 2021!

God Bless you and your family in 2021!

Jack & Lori, Noah, Rachel & Rose



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